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Self-portrait in yarn

I’ve been busy. Not busy doing the sensible things that I ought to be doing you understand, but busy with sticks and string.

The ‘about’ page on this blog needs some pictures doesn’t it? Just to give you an idea of what I, and Mr TwistedYarn and the twinnage, and this crazy house actually look like. But I’m slightly wary of posting photos of all of us, so I came up with an alternative idea: I’ll knit us! It’s taking a while, though, hence my silence for the last few days. So far, I’ve managed a self-portrait:-

ImageYes, my hair really is that unruly.

No, my eyelashes are not really that long.

So now I’m busy sewing together the assorted body parts of Mr TwistedYarn:-


He’s been warned that any husbandly grumpiness will be punishable by me knitting warts onto his nose. Yes, I am that childish.

In other news, I’m still waiting for the arrival of gorgeous Katia Azteca for the header of this blog.

And in other other news, the twinnage and I have been a-wandering in the autumn sunshine. We chatted to a goat:-


And we admired the view without grizzling:-


All in all, a successful day.

But now it’s late, and I’ve got to do all the un-fun things I’ve been putting off whilst knitting…



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A small diversion

A small diversion from knitting and crochet, today. The twinnage and Mr TwistedYarn and I went for an autumnal wander. Actually it’s not properly autumnal here quite yet. Some of the trees have turned, most are still green, so walking around you can see every shade of yellow, orange, red, brown and green. Nature never gets it wrong, colourwise, does she? Never looks dated, never clashes. Here are some of the leaves scrunched underfoot by the twinnage:-


Rich autumn shades are the ones I most want to borrow and bring inside. Look at those reds!

Wandering at toddler pace, we eventually reached the windbreaks. There are lots of them round here: queues of tall, old poplars, planted long ago to protect fruit orchards that have long been uprooted. This village was once the centre of cherry-growing in this country. You can still see occasional tired-looking remnants of cherry orchards, and the hedges are dotted with cherry trees, but scarcely any commercial production happens now. Here are some of the windbreaks:-

ImageImageHome now, and knitting effigies of all four of us plus our house, to put on this blog. Mr TwistedYarn has been warned that if he’s mean to me, I shall knit warts on his nose.


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Plant life

Sometimes a girl just needs to knit some ferns.

This is the story of a late Victorian box settle. I give you exhibit A:-

photo (3)

‘Tis a popular piece of furniture in our house. The twinnage pats the carved lions’ heads and practise roaring. Mr TwistedYarn dumps his legal files on it to a depth of three feet. And I sit on it and contemplate things.

It needs a cushion though, doesn’t it?

So I’m knitting. I found a lovely design on Ravelry:, but it was for a normal-sized cushion so I added to it a bit:-

photo (4)

I couldn’t decide on colours. Ferny greens? Or reds and browns to match the curtains? So I decided to do both – one side of each. The red/brown side is finished – see above in the header photo. And I’m half way through the green side. I’m knitting in the round with a steek (eek!) Actually steeking isn’t too bad. I sewed and cut the red/brown side… and nothing terrible happened. The world didn’t end and my knitting didn’t disintegrate. It goes against the grain to cut knitting, though, doesn’t it? Here’s the green side so far:-

photo (2)

The yarn is Rowan Fine Tweed… with emphasis on the ‘fine’: it’s almost threadlike at times, and breaks with alarming ease (which is at least handy when I’m too lazy to fetch the scissors). But I love the mixture of colours in each ball. Within the greens there are flecks of red and blue and yellow. I think the greens are going to look rather beautiful.


Of course I’ll be a lot less tempted to finish once our postlady arrives tomorrow: she’s bringing the yarn for me to knit/crochet a proper header for this blog, and a model of my crazy house and family, just so you can see where we live and who we are. 🙂



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Setting up home

And so, I’ve moved in. To this blog, I mean.

Looking around, it’s a bit spartan, isn’t it? I haven’t had a chance to unpack yet, or make it homely, but that will come. I hung that picture of my knitted bracken leaves up because it was all I had to hand. Now, I need to find my way around, and work out how to make the best of my new home. It doesn’t look much, but the agent said it’s got potential.

Meanwhile, the decorators are in. Well actually it’s just me. I’ve got my needles and hooks and yarn ready to spread colour all over this site. Sitting here nursing a mug of green tea, I’m looking at the walls of my blog, and wondering… red? Sage green? Or should I be terribly sensible and leave the whole lot white so I can smother it with colourful knitting and crochet?

My first plan is to make a decent header. Fair isle knitting with some crochet flowers. This is the chart I’ve drawn:-



I drew the chart on some knitter’s graph paper that I downloaded from This paper allows for the fact that stitches are wider than they are tall. And I knew from annoying experience not to colour in the whole of each rectangle, to make it easy to count how many stitches are in any particular block of colour.

So now I just need to knit and crochet the thing. Variegated yarn, I think, with a cream background, but what colours? Straightforward rainbow (Kauni Effektgarn), because I do love a nice rainbow? Or something dark and rich like Araucania Puelo 1961? Help, I can’t decide! And until I decide, I can’t order yarn and I can’t knit.


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