Self-portrait in yarn

I’ve been busy. Not busy doing the sensible things that I ought to be doing you understand, but busy with sticks and string.

The ‘about’ page on this blog needs some pictures doesn’t it? Just to give you an idea of what I, and Mr TwistedYarn and the twinnage, and this crazy house actually look like. But I’m slightly wary of posting photos of all of us, so I came up with an alternative idea: I’ll knit us! It’s taking a while, though, hence my silence for the last few days. So far, I’ve managed a self-portrait:-

ImageYes, my hair really is that unruly.

No, my eyelashes are not really that long.

So now I’m busy sewing together the assorted body parts of Mr TwistedYarn:-


He’s been warned that any husbandly grumpiness will be punishable by me knitting warts onto his nose. Yes, I am that childish.

In other news, I’m still waiting for the arrival of gorgeous Katia Azteca for the header of this blog.

And in other other news, the twinnage and I have been a-wandering in the autumn sunshine. We chatted to a goat:-


And we admired the view without grizzling:-


All in all, a successful day.

But now it’s late, and I’ve got to do all the un-fun things I’ve been putting off whilst knitting…



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4 Responses to Self-portrait in yarn

  1. I think you should mention you’ve faithfully replicated your favourite lace up boots too! Love it!!!!

  2. ToadsMum

    Think you should be daliesque with Mr TY and assemble a surreal version. Much amusement guessing the pieces of him but probably been watching too many French detective series or reading too much William Ryan

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