More crochet flowers

Evenin’ all.

Project blog header continues.

Flowers for its edge are blooming, mostly of the crocheted variety, but also a few knitted ones. And there’s a butterfly. This is yesterday and today’s haul:-

crocheted flowers

crocheted flowers

And here’s the total group so far:-

crocheted and knitted flowers

crocheted and knitted flowers

I’ll sew them around the edge of the blog header when they’re all done. I’m a little out of my comfort zone with this stuff, because I like big, solid, get-lost-in-the-detail-for-weeks projects rather than making small things, but it’s fun to learn something new. One thing I’ve realized both from making the knitted family dolls and from this, is how small projects are wonderful for practising and extending your skills. Being all different shapes, they involve every kind of stitch and increase/decrease within a small piece of work. I wish I’d done more of this sort of thing when I was first learning.

Anyway, onwards. When I posted pictures of the blog header panel, I forgot to show you the back. It’s stranded work, so of course you need to inspect the reverse! Quick point before I show you: if I’m knitting something stranded to wear, like a skirt, I’ll only ‘allow’ very short floats across the back (maximum three stitches), because I don’t want them to get caught on anything. If I have a run of any colour that’s longer than three stitches, I catch the yarn behind the working thread. But I was more relaxed when knitting the blog header – after all, its life’s work will be nothing more strenuous than being photographed once. So there are floats of up to five stitches. It looks like this:-

reverse of blog header

reverse of blog header


I’m loving this project – the freedom of doing something designed from scratch.



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2 responses to “More crochet flowers

  1. Have finally taken the plungs and bought the book too, alhtough it will have to wait to be used now till after Christmas. It was your daffodil type flower that made me buy the book, just lovley x


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