Sorry, twinnage.

I have wine. I have crochet on my knee:-

Crochet and ill-matched socks

Crochet and ill-matched socks

I have been for a walk in my rainbow wellies with the toddler twinnage:-

Ex-cherry-orchard windbreak poplars. With sheep.

Ex-cherry-orchard windbreak poplars. With sheep.

We saw sheep whose wool was just begging to be shorn (in this unseasonably mild weather), spun, dyed, and knitted. The twinnage sweetly observed that someone had been drawing on the sheep, so I had to explain about marking them so everyone knows who owns them.

Sheepsters. All pointing left.

Sheepsters. All pointing left.

We came home and baked my deceptively-easy-chocolate-cake:-

My chocolate cake. Recipe available if you want it.

My chocolate cake. Recipe available if you want it.

…But I’m feeling bad. The twinnage, though adorable, have been, um, a tad challenging. I am not a shouty mummy, but I shouted. Sorry, twinnage.


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13 Responses to Sorry, twinnage.

  1. Aw don’t feel sad with yourself for shouting! It sounds like you had a lovely day though and your crochet looks amazing. That must have take you ages!

  2. Caroline

    It’s good that they get to know Mummy loves them but is a real human being with a range of emotions and not an automaton. 🙂 xx

  3. Wow, it seems to be growing very fast. The colours are so stricking against the black too, very stained glass window like, it works well. We all loose it sometimes with our children, don’t beat yourself up, it is only natural. Bet they loved the cake too. Would love to have the recipe please, seems to have risen amazingly well x

  4. Your project is so beautiful. I genuinely love your updates. I literally can’t wait to see the finished product!! I try really hard not to yell as well. But I did today, and I feel bad too. How old are your twins? My little gal is 26 months and she was so… moody. As was I.

    • Awww, thank you. I’m trying to get it finished as quickly as possible (which is why I haven’t updated my blog for a couple of days)!
      My twins are three. 26 months is a difficult age – just old enough to know what they want (sort of) and be able to do some things for themselves, but not yet old enough to manage their own emotions. I hope you and she are having a good day today.

  5. aww …don’t punish yourself…its all part of parenting and being a mom 🙂 the moment we have kids, and don the mom avatar, we forget we are human beings too !!!
    your stained glass work is gorgeous and growing well 🙂

  6. I, too, look forward to your cake recipe. 🙂 You have your hands full with twins of that age — and we all shout from time to time. Doesn’t mean we’re bad people. You seem like a very good person to me. 🙂

  7. Love the sheep pics!! And the drawing comment. 🙂 Kids are good for a smile.

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