Yarn-bombing the house. Just maybe.

The crochet stained glass window is going well, but I don’t want to saturate this blog with minute-by-minute pictures of every stitch. (Well actually I do, but I won’t. Maybe I should introduce a knitting/crochet webcam. Though that might result in a few too many views of me crocheting in my pyjamas at 3am.)

But other plans and ideas keep forming…

The other day, I found this rather lovely image on Wildcat Designs’ blog:-

Knitted Rainbow Railings. What's not to like?

Knitted Rainbow Railings. What’s not to like?

Photo from http://catameringue.blogspot.co.uk/. Reproduced with permission.

And I looked at our crazy old brewery house, and I thought Hmmmmmm…. Because at one end of the houseΒ is a tower, which is presumably where most of the brewing malarkey occurred. (Sometimes I’ve dreamedΒ of knitting a giant scarf, that would go all the way around the tower. It’s the sort of crazy hare-brained thing that I might actually do one day. And the tower is quite cold and badly insulated, so it could do with a nice snuggly scarf.)Β Part way up this tower are some doors with a little Juliet balcony, ie some railings. Look!

Railings, just begging to be yarn-bombed

Railings, just begging to be yarn-bombed

Don’t you think they’re just begging to be adorned with rainbow knitting?

What do you think? Could I do it? Should I do it? Would the neighbours grumble? Would the stoic spouse move out in protest? Would the parish council evict me from the village in shame?


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  1. I’m all for it, as you said what’s not to like lol

  2. Go for it! Everybody appreciates yarn bombing, surely?

  3. Could you persuade the neighbours to get involved? Rainbow railings would be fabulous!

    • Ha ha, you SO don’t know our neighbours. I think they’d rather poke themselves in the eye with an ostentatiously expensive designer stick than participate in something home-made. It’s fair to say we don’t have much in common. But hey, they’re selling up, so maybe it doesn’t matter if they have to look at our rainbow railings every day whilst they park their car.

  4. You should definitely do it!
    It is your house. And I can not even imagine that your neighbours would not like it.
    I am kind of looking for a safe yarnbombing place myself. I guess I am too much of a chicken to go out at night and decorate Kensington. So I might end up decorating the safety guards of our window only… maybe with knitted chickens πŸ™‚

  5. Hmm. I can imagine yarn bombing your house but not mine. I think it would be fun. Your old house has so much more character than my new one.

  6. I have been collecting a few yarn bombings pics for a future blog and when my husband saw them, he told me not to get any ideas!!! Best speak yo your other half before you do. I on the other hand think it would be fab. Go for it.

    • I know I should, but the stoic spouse has a way of saying “no way” to any ideas, but then “actually that looks OK” when they’re done. Tricky. I’m looking forward to your post on yarn-bombing.

  7. nicolaknits

    Beautiful. I love yarnbombing, it makes things look so much nicer! Definitely go cover those railings in yarn πŸ™‚

  8. Hmm, this yarn bombing sounds like a great idea. And I love the railings!

  9. Those railings are crying out for rainbow yarn bombs! Stuff the neighbours, it isn’t their house! I appreciate you might have to take slightly more notice of the husband but if you did it for him as a nice surprise? IE in a ‘ta-dah look what I did for you for birthday/anniversary/Easter’ kind of way? Hard not to like a present! Plus if he’s anything like mine, he’s resistant to an idea, likes it when it’s done and is terribly proud that we give handmade gifts and that I make things, so might just embrace it? I have a theory that yarn bombing your house or in other words having your work on display is kind of like having fairy lights up. Once embraced it’s hard to go back.

  10. do it …. go on …. dare you πŸ˜‰ what can the PC say, ‘stop brightening up the Parish’!!?? LOL x

  11. I certainly encourage you to go for it. As for neighbours, you can tell them, ‘this is my house’ and to the stoic other half ‘ this is my yarn, my time, my fun and it is only for a few days ‘ πŸ™‚
    I wonder what you do, with all that yarn after you are over with it ? Who clears it away in the public places I wonder.

  12. All of the above, so just do it! πŸ™‚

  13. I think it would look absolutely gorgeous.

  14. I like the big scarf idea!

  15. Dots

    Rainbow railings would look great, & it would keep them warm! & might even get the neighbours to move even faster

  16. Rainbow railings would be great, & it would keep them warm!

  17. Yarn bombing/crochet bombing is great. Just how do you do it with no one noticing??

  18. I see you’ve got a spare yarn problem in your study… I think you already know the answer!

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  20. Yes, that’d be great! Do it! πŸ™‚ ❀

  21. hi…thanks for visiting my blog, would be great if you would spread the word about my little craftivist exhibition and you really should do those railings! x

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  26. That sounds like an excellent idea! And I love those rainbow railings! You’ve just reminded me that I was going to yarn bomb the apple tree in our garden last year. I’ve always wanted to make bunting for the hen house too πŸ™‚

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