Rainbow spring flowers

You’ll know by now that I have a bit of a fing about rainbows. But if you saw my last post, you’ll also know that I’m picking around with lots of little projects at the moment so don’t (yet) have any major new knitted housey-ness to show you. Actually I’m taking a mini-break from the house-colouring theme of this blog to knit jumpers for the toddler twinnage in many shades of lovely Adriafil Knitcol. But I’ve been thinking about rainbows, too, in particular the beautiful spring flowers that are all around here at the moment. Look, I made a collage, just for you. All these flowers are either in my garden or photographed locally  and I just might have sneaked a camera into the local garden centre to nab the greens because I couldn’t find them anywhere else.

rainbow spring flowers :-)

rainbow spring flowers 🙂

Given that this village was traditionally at the epicentre of the cherry-growing universe, I really should get out and photograph some of the gorgeous blossom round here at the moment, but in the meantime, enjoy the rainbow.

More knitting on its way…


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  1. Love this post. It is an early autumn morning here and the sun is peeking through. Your rainbow of spring will have me smiling all day thank you.

  2. spring has really intensified her show at our neck of the woods, everything is so bright and fresh, the hues of green are so welcome after such a soggy winter, the lighter nights the warmer weather ahhhh bliss 🙂

  3. What a neat idea! And everything looks so showy and fab–it’s a welcome sight. I am just, finally, beginning to see tiny hints of foliage beginning to peek out so it’ll be awhile before we have blooms like yours. So glad you posted them!

  4. Love the rainbow collage! Winter and Spring are duking it at here in Kansas. Hopefully Spring will win soon and let some flowers grow!

  5. Beautiful,nice and uplifting, especially as we got 3.1″ of snow early on Tuesday morning, and that was after a few days spent on the right side of 20C! We were on the cusp of Spring!!! I have to say, Northern Michigan is known as the cherry capital of the world, but now a little village in rural Oxfordshire is challenging for the title, lol!!

  6. Love the photos, great idea! Hope the Easter break is treating you well x

  7. Spring is my favourite – cherry blossom and daffodils every time! Hope you have a lovely Easter x

  8. That is a very cool picture! Rainbows are nature’s way of saying “I do more than just dark and light!”

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