(Yarn-) Bomb Da House

Do you think there’s a yarn-bombers’ secret charter?

Because if there is, I must have broken all of its covenants. I mean surely, surely, rule number one would state, ‘Don’t be seen whilst you’re yarn-bombing’? I have huge respect for whoever has been tiptoeing around our village at 3am attaching vibrant knitted pieces to our various bus stops, sign posts, and suchlike. I have never seen them in the act, although a lovely woman I met in the village shop dropped strong hints that it was she.

Anyway, my own work failed spectacularly in its attempt at discretion. (Failing to channel Banksy, here.)

As I’ve said before, I’ve been planning a little light yarn-bombing of the tower here at our old brewery home. Having knitted and crocheted the various components, I needed to install them around the railings of the tower balcony. I did so over the course of two evenings, working late into the night whilst the toddler twinnage slept and the stoic spouse sat downstairs wondering whether his wife had relinquished her marbles.

Fate was not on my side.

On evening one, I sat on the middle floor of the tower, feet out on the balcony railings, cheerfully sewing strips of knitting/crochet into place, with only a glass of wine, some circling bats, and the odd nibblesome mosquito for company. Or at least that was the case until the police helicopter started patrolling right above our house, and the sound of sirens encircled our teeny tiny little lane. So I’m starting to seriously worry that either (i) I’m majorly violating a village no-bonkersness bylaw and am about to be frog-marched down the High Street and publically flogged for crimes against normality, or (ii) some scary criminal type is sneaking down our drive-way to say, “Excuse me madam, but would you mind pausing from your creative endeavours to shield me from the law? And if not, would this Kalashnikov persuade you towards my point of view?” This is a sleepy rural village for goodness sake! We don’t do crime: it’d be uncouth. It’d make a mess. It’d spoil the village’s character. Hence my concern that it’s (i) above.

That was evening one. It made me nervous.

On evening two, I started earlier, which was possibly my mistake. The problem this time was that our brewery tower is, by definition, rather visible. As I sat there, seven surrounding houses had the privilege of a ringside seat. And sure enough, a lovely, lovely, lovely neighbour came out of her overlooking house and commented on my work. She was very kind with her words, as is her wont. But then she fetched her visiting friends from inside to come out and see my efforts. All attempts at secrecy were lost. I had failed.

Anyway, it’s done now. Would you like to see some pictures? (Please say yes.)

So, here’s the ‘before’ view of the tower:-

Railings, just begging to be yarn-bombed

Railings, just begging to be yarn-bombed

…And here’s the after:-

rainbow railings

rainbow railings

And again:-

railings again

railings again

As for the details, there are pigeons. I swear the sound of real pigeon-cooing intensified once I’d fixed these knitted blighters:-

knitted pigeons

knitted pigeons

And there was the abundant hanging basket, because our real hanging baskets are doing very little as yet, the florally lazy blighters:-

crocheted petunias

crocheted petunias

So there you have it. The product of a slightly bonkers mind.

Now tomorrow will bring a big announcement… the reason that I’m writing this whilst sipping champagne…


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85 Responses to (Yarn-) Bomb Da House

  1. Oh gosh … that is amazing! And … NEWS??? Can’t wait!

  2. Gorgeous!
    Funnily enough we were buzzed by the police helicopter this weekend. I was hoping that it was practise police helicoptering if there is such a thing – they circled the football pitch a few times and then flew away. Although eldest did say he’d seen squad cars too.

      • I really like how colourful and inviting it is without being overpowering. The only time I attempting yarn bombing was on a friend’s bike who had a no fat girls sticker which I was offended by and wanted to cover up. But I had to attempt it during the day at the university and between the public area and concerns that I would end up messing with the brakes, I gave up. So much different in practice than theory.

  3. Rosie

    Fab fab fab …… I want to come and see it in the ‘flesh’ …. Amazing!! Champers …. Will wait for the news but Champers for completing this is good enough for me xx

  4. It is totally and utterly BRILLIANT.

  5. I love it! So bright and cheery 🙂

  6. I really don’t know what I was expecting to see – but it certainly wasn’t this brilliantly conceived and graceful piece of knitted art! The pigeons look real from a distance – the basket of flowers makes me salivate! I am captivated! And, even as the besotted and weary owner of a new puppy, absolutely enchanted! 🙂 Bowing down before greatness!! 🙂

  7. If I had a tower I would steal all your ideas and bomb the railings! Now, are we expecting an addition to the twinnage?

  8. That is such happy housey yarnbombing! I love it!

  9. Rea

    Love the hanging flower basket!

  10. It is stunning!You made an excellent work!! <3

  11. Pia

    Love it! I didn’t even notice the pigeons and flowers were yarn until the closup, awesome touch, never take them down. (unless to replace with other birdies, seasonal bouquets etc – how about a huge vulture for Halloween, that should keep you busy!)

  12. This is totally adorable. The pigeons and the flowers just make it, well done!

  13. It is wonderful, a rainbow of colours and I love the pigeons. it will be interesting to see if the flowers hold their colour in the sunshine, that is something i am currently testing too so we could compare notes later in the year to see how they have managed.

  14. Beautiful, just as I expected from you. And I love the pigeons and the flower basket. Such nice details.
    Police helicopter? Are you sure it wasn’t the other yarn bomber to check out discretely who entered her territory?
    At least that was my initial thought. But, considering that you are announcing news, was it maybe a royal helicopter and you are now in charge of yarn bombing the Buckingham Palace Railings? Anyway, I can’t wait for the news 🙂

  15. I love it all, but particularly the pigeons!

  16. Oh my goodness I love how it turned out. Beautiful!

  17. Here here, gorgeous work and utterly brilliant pigeons.
    I feel inspired!

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  19. Maybe it was the Fibre Police in that copter, checking out your work? If so, they’ve nothing to complain about – that yarn-bombed rainbow balcony is pure genius! I actually thought the pigeons were real!

  20. That was great and a fun post to read.. with anticipation lol love the balcony and your pigeons 🙂 great job !

  21. I love, love, LOVE that it came to fruition! And if I’d been one of your neighbours I’d have been out there with a camera capturing it all, you know, for posterity!

  22. Brilliant , I love it all your hard work has paid off, I’m sure the villagers will (learn?) to love it too.

  23. I need a knitted pigeon. Not want, NEED! If your village doesn’t like the yarn bombing at least you have a tower to stay out of the reach of their pitchforks! I’m sure everyone will love it though 🙂

  24. Well, as usual, you’re having way too much fun! This turned out great and listening to you talk about the process has given me new respect for how difficult it is to pull yarn-bombing off!

  25. Love it, especially the birds. I also want some!!! 🙂 Yarn bomb my place any time.

  26. Ohhh……Just fantastic!

  27. That looks absolutely fabulous! 😀

  28. Oh Phil, it is fantastic, far better than i could have imagined. Brilliant work, shame you were not able to do it in secret though and then exclaim to all, you didn’t know how it happened!!! Great colour choice, works brilliantly and i have always admired your pidgeons. May have to copy your hanging basket idea though as i never seem to water the real ones i=enough in the middle of summer, this could be my solution!

  29. Rainbow railings & pigeons & petunias, oh my… It’s all so lovely! 🙂 ❤ <3

  30. quiet villages in England? don’t you watch Midsummer and Morse?

  31. I woke up in the middle of the night and was quietly reading blogs on my Kindle. Then my husband woke up too just as I was reading your post – I was laughing so hard at your thoughts about the police and/or criminal, that if he hadn’t been awake, I would have awakened him. I had to read it aloud to him and he laughed too. Much more interesting than my usual midnight reading!

  32. I love love love love love this! Now I need a tower to yarn bomb. Surely I can add a 2nd story to my house before Winter.

  33. Very beautiful yarn bombing. I love the pigeons. And, yes, how is it that the yarn bombers do their work without being seen?

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  36. caityrosey

    Aww who cares if it wasn’t a surprise. It’s still awesome and you’ll entertain so many people who didn’t see you putting it up. I wish more folks around here would engage in random yarn bombing. Maybe I need to be the change I want to see in my neighborhood.

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  38. LOVE it! Absolutely bonkers, especially the pigeons:)

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