Finishing Touches

No, really: I’m practically done.

All that remains after a year or so of work on that completely crazy project is to sew/crochet the thing together in its final setting. I know that a fair few of you have generously walked this journey by my side, for which I can only thank you for your extreme patience. In a few days’ time, I’ll be able to photograph and show you the finished object in situ. I just hope that it’s been worth the wait. In the meantime, here are a few shots of the finishing touches that I’ve been adding over the past week or so. They’re all additions to the garden, because that’s where I’ve been able to go wild, so to speak.

I made some terracotta pots, and planted them with flowers that may or may not be tulips. For reasons that will be clear when you see the finished thing, everything in the garden has to be fairly flat, so they’re not particularly tall pots.

crochet flowers in pots

They were made by single-crocheting round and round, increasing by one in every stitch in the soil colour, then switching to the terracotta colour and adding a couple more rounds without increasing stitch count.

I used my Stylecraft Special shade-card to choose the colours. Just for the record and in case you’re crazy enough to want to replicate something like this, the soil is ‘Dark Brown’ and the pot edge is ‘Copper’.

And there are flowers in ‘Turquoise’, too.

Someone suggested a cat. So meet Gemma. (Stylecraft Special, ‘Black’, whilst we’re on the subject.) Don’t worry, she’s not going to catch that fish.

The real Gemma is a sweet animal whom the twinnage and I often pause to stroke on our walk to school.

I’ve replaced all the messy-embroidered lily pads with neater crocheted ones.

And I’m making some pebbles for the edge of the pond, just so that all the newts and frogs can climb out easily.

It feels quite meditative, working round and round to create these little stones.

So that’s about all. I ‘just’ need to do a bit of sewing to join this ol’ beast together. Y’know, I might almost miss it once it’s done. Almost.


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21 Responses to Finishing Touches

  1. Hehehe….I love Gemma. I am really looking forward to seeing this mammoth project in all of its glory. I don’t think I would have the patience for such intricate detail. Xx

  2. ANN M.

    It is beautiful! You have done lovely and you stuck with it. I am excited to see the completed piece.

  3. Love the Gemma kitty, looks like my Inky kitty, who wouldn’t catch the fish either.

  4. Sandy

    Oh, how your garden grows…I think I can smell the lavender all the way across the pond!

  5. Shelley

    I love your blog – interesting and fun with incredible skills showcased. Looking forward to seeing this finished and seeing where you head next lol.

  6. I just returned from three days AWOL at my daughters house dog sitting to find that I almost, ALMOST missed the big unveil! I have been waiting since the start of this gargantuan project and if you know me at all, you know that patience is not one of my major virtues but every time you have shared something from this amazing hooky opus, I have been gob smacked at how intricate and involved this project has become. Once it is in situ I am sure you will be contacted post haste by the natural history museum to house it in one of their exhibitions it is that spesh. Can’t wait to see the finished result 🙂

  7. Hi Phil, obviously a family heirloom is about to be unveiled and we can hardly wait! The excitement is palpable as the anticipation builds and we will need a full fanfare for the big reveal. Good luck with the finishing touches and make sure you celebrate your achievement. x

  8. I’ve been watching this project take shape since it started, and I just have to say, before the big reveal, for the record, it’s completely mental. And fantastic. Six of mental and half a dozen of fantastic. I’m dead impressed!

  9. This is rather exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product of mystery and making appropriate noises of approval and awe (none of which you will be able to hear, of course – you’ll just have to take my word for their existence).

  10. I am really excited to see this. Love the moggy and thanks for thinking about the pond creatures!

  11. I’m impressed! Indeed!

  12. After all this time I can’t wait to see the finished project! Your attention to detail is outstanding and you deserve a massive (crochet) medal! Whatever it may be will surely be treasured by your family and become an heirloom. The anticipation is almost too much ……..

  13. Heckenhocker

    But but but…if the frogs can climb out of the pond, Gemma the Cat will be able to catch them…oh the dilemma!

  14. Mother Twisted

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a turquoise tulip so you probably have agapanthus in your pots – that’s good as the flowers last much longer!

  15. Obsession is so underrated! Gorgeous work but where DO you find the patience?

  16. I can’t wait to see your photos of the finished object – you’ve been working on this for ages and the teaser photos you have shared are amazing! It is so inspiring to see such a different project!

  17. Not liking. Adoring. That cat was a great creation – it makes it all more alive, when it is not ONLY plants. And that goldfish -oooooooo sigh

  18. Chrissie

    This is so beautiful, so much dedication, absolutely wonderful.

  19. Loving the addition of the cat!! Cannot wait to finally see this project revealed 🙂

  20. Kristen Gunn

    This is astoundingly lovely. I love obsessive crafters!

  21. You are right, this is a completely crazy project! I just spent half an hour tracking down all the related posts about it. It is so beautiful and I’m astonished by the level of detail. Can’t wait for the final pictures.

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