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All right, all right, you lot. I can see how titling a post ‘Finished Object’ might have given the teeniest impression that I’d finally finished that project. Sorry. But your comments have also nudged me to get on with final push towards completion, so thank you. Though when I do weave in the last end, I’ll be posting under a considerably more hysterical title than ‘Finished Object’. Look out for a post titled OMG, OMG, IT’S DONE, IT’S DONE, IT’S DONE! SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!! Unless the finished job looks a bit rubbish, in which case you’ll find me sitting on the floor in the corner, nursing a bottle of gin.

crochet embroidered cottage house

A detail…

Anyway, thank you for stirring me back into yarny horticultural action. In case you’re new to this ludicrous thing, it’s… hard to explain. Far too long ago (I’m not even sure that Europeans had arrived in the Americas yet) I had one of those ridiculous ideas that really should have been taken out back and throttled immediately. But instead of thinking Nope, that’s a stupid idea, I decided to go ahead. You see, after designing/making this bag in the shape of a cottage, I started dreaming a little bigger. Because if you can make a small bag look like a cottage, why can’t you do the same to a large piece of furniture?

crochet embroidered cottage house

With a bit of manic effort, I got the cottage part done fairly speedily, but as many of you will know, I got a bit lost in the garden, for a while. No longer! Look, I’ve finished another flower bed!

crochet garden knitted

And just to add to the veg patch, I’m rather pleased with this rhubarb. (Stylecraft Batik ‘Raspberry’ is pleasingly perfect for the stems.)

crochet rhubarb

The problem is – and it’s a big problem – that as I finish each section, I look at previous sections and think Hmm, that could be better. So I started crocheting lily leaves for the pond, instead of the messy embroidered ones.

knitting crochet pond garden

And now I’m thinking, Hmm, I never really have been happy with the water. So I’m wondering about crocheting something in a colour that’s a little more murky. Meanwhile, I can’t leave this thing around without some small child parking their toy cars on it or moving diggers in to begin building work. Sigh.

But I have a target: it shall be done and shown here by the end of this month. There, I’ve said it out loud. I have a confession, though: there’s an even more ambitious idea swilling around in the fevered backwaters of my brain.

crochet garden knitted flowers


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(Yarn-) Bomb Da House

Do you think there’s a yarn-bombers’ secret charter?

Because if there is, I must have broken all of its covenants. I mean surely, surely, rule number one would state, ‘Don’t be seen whilst you’re yarn-bombing’? I have huge respect for whoever has been tiptoeing around our village at 3am attaching vibrant knitted pieces to our various bus stops, sign posts, and suchlike. I have never seen them in the act, although a lovely woman I met in the village shop dropped strong hints that it was she.

Anyway, my own work failed spectacularly in its attempt at discretion. (Failing to channel Banksy, here.)

As I’ve said before, I’ve been planning a little light yarn-bombing of the tower here at our old brewery home. Having knitted and crocheted the various components, I needed to install them around the railings of the tower balcony. I did so over the course of two evenings, working late into the night whilst the toddler twinnage slept and the stoic spouse sat downstairs wondering whether his wife had relinquished her marbles.

Fate was not on my side.

On evening one, I sat on the middle floor of the tower, feet out on the balcony railings, cheerfully sewing strips of knitting/crochet into place, with only a glass of wine, some circling bats, and the odd nibblesome mosquito for company. Or at least that was the case until the police helicopter started patrolling right above our house, and the sound of sirens encircled our teeny tiny little lane. So I’m starting to seriously worry that either (i) I’m majorly violating a village no-bonkersness bylaw and am about to be frog-marched down the High Street and publically flogged for crimes against normality, or (ii) some scary criminal type is sneaking down our drive-way to say, “Excuse me madam, but would you mind pausing from your creative endeavours to shield me from the law? And if not, would this Kalashnikov persuade you towards my point of view?” This is a sleepy rural village for goodness sake! We don’t do crime: it’d be uncouth. It’d make a mess. It’d spoil the village’s character. Hence my concern that it’s (i) above.

That was evening one. It made me nervous.

On evening two, I started earlier, which was possibly my mistake. The problem this time was that our brewery tower is, by definition, rather visible. As I sat there, seven surrounding houses had the privilege of a ringside seat. And sure enough, a lovely, lovely, lovely neighbour came out of her overlooking house and commented on my work. She was very kind with her words, as is her wont. But then she fetched her visiting friends from inside to come out and see my efforts. All attempts at secrecy were lost. I had failed.

Anyway, it’s done now. Would you like to see some pictures? (Please say yes.)

So, here’s the ‘before’ view of the tower:-

Railings, just begging to be yarn-bombed

Railings, just begging to be yarn-bombed

…And here’s the after:-

rainbow railings

rainbow railings

And again:-

railings again

railings again

As for the details, there are pigeons. I swear the sound of real pigeon-cooing intensified once I’d fixed these knitted blighters:-

knitted pigeons

knitted pigeons

And there was the abundant hanging basket, because our real hanging baskets are doing very little as yet, the florally lazy blighters:-

crocheted petunias

crocheted petunias

So there you have it. The product of a slightly bonkers mind.

Now tomorrow will bring a big announcement… the reason that I’m writing this whilst sipping champagne…


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Almost yarn-bombing…

Happy and ever-so-slightly bonkers days are near. Here’s a sneak preview of materials for the housey yarn-bombing. (There are knitted pigeons, too.) The stripes are to be sewn around the railings of the tower balcony.

yarn-bombing materials

yarn-bombing materials

The big sew-up/reveal will be in a few days’ time, but I’m away from home at the moment, visiting the put-upon parents in their home on the English-Welsh border. They’re moving soon, and I’ll miss the walk up the track by their house to see this:-

the track behind my parents' house

the track behind my parents’ house

…As admired by my mum:-

Mum and tree

Mum and tree

The tree is a maybe-400-year-old oak, its trunk gnarled and thick.

I’ll miss it.



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Yarn-bombing the house at last…

OK, before we get on to tonight’s post proper, here’s a peek at a bit of the afghan WIP:-

crochet rainbow afghan... getting there...

crochet rainbow afghan… getting there…

When it’s done, I’ll buy y’all a drink to say thank you for your encouragement. And I probably won’t crochet any more afghans for a wee while… although some even crazier projects are in the mental pipeline.

Anyway, this is mostly a piece about yarn-bombing. Because as I’ve posted before, plans have been afoot to yarn-bomb the house. And I had a little reminder to get on with it the other day, when out wandering in the village with the toddler twinnage. Last year our village was beautifully yarn-bombed (no, not by me.) Road signs, bus stops, barriers – all were fair game. Sadly some of it has gone, but we came across this bit that I’d not noticed before:-



Pretty funky, no? Someone has a goodish stash of fetching yarn, and the inspiration to use it. So this was a prompt to get on with my own project – yarn-bombing the railings of the balcony half-way up our tower. The yarn has arrived. (Yes, I’m still having a bit of a rainbow moment.)

rainbow yarn

rainbow yarn

And unbeknownst to the stoic spouse, I’ve started knitting long strips that will be sewn in place around the railings of the balcony. First some red:-

red railing

red railing

Then some orange:-


orange railing

Sadly, I then ran out of time. But I’m on my way. Photos to follow…. shortly before the neighbours sue me for lowering the tone of the neighbourhood.


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Yarn-bombing the house. Just maybe.

The crochet stained glass window is going well, but I don’t want to saturate this blog with minute-by-minute pictures of every stitch. (Well actually I do, but I won’t. Maybe I should introduce a knitting/crochet webcam. Though that might result in a few too many views of me crocheting in my pyjamas at 3am.)

But other plans and ideas keep forming…

The other day, I found this rather lovely image on Wildcat Designs’ blog:-

Knitted Rainbow Railings. What's not to like?

Knitted Rainbow Railings. What’s not to like?

Photo from http://catameringue.blogspot.co.uk/. Reproduced with permission.

And I looked at our crazy old brewery house, and I thought Hmmmmmm…. Because at one end of the house is a tower, which is presumably where most of the brewing malarkey occurred. (Sometimes I’ve dreamed of knitting a giant scarf, that would go all the way around the tower. It’s the sort of crazy hare-brained thing that I might actually do one day. And the tower is quite cold and badly insulated, so it could do with a nice snuggly scarf.) Part way up this tower are some doors with a little Juliet balcony, ie some railings. Look!

Railings, just begging to be yarn-bombed

Railings, just begging to be yarn-bombed

Don’t you think they’re just begging to be adorned with rainbow knitting?

What do you think? Could I do it? Should I do it? Would the neighbours grumble? Would the stoic spouse move out in protest? Would the parish council evict me from the village in shame?


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Seasonal perplexity

Yes, this blog really is primarily about knitting/crochet for my home, but it’s taking (too) many days to knit/crochet us and our converted brewery house. Please bear with me. Housey finished objects will start appearing soon. But the twinnage needs some clothes:-


Also, the Katia Azteca for the blog header still hasn’t arrived.

In the meantime, I offer you some non-knitty vegetative houseyness.

We’ve got vegetative seasonal perplexity disorder here, and we’ve got it bad. Examples: the Christmas cactus thinks it’s Christmas, as a result of which, I’m no longer on speaking terms with the Christmas cactus:-


Yet the last of my bell peppers is still holding out for some ripening summer sunshine, daft veg that it is:-


And my tomatoes (yumptious, Sun Gold tomatoes) have failed to notice summer’s demise.


The courgettes just keep on giving, but with ever diminishing size and depth of colour. Still, they’re not bad for November:-


Ditto the pak choi:-


But the real year-round, couldn’t-care-less-what-season-it-is star is the orchids. A wise woman once told me that orchids thrive on neglect. She was right, as a direct result of which, I’m an orchid-cultivating genius. Look at all this neglect:-


Is anyone else’s plant-life so bonkers?

‘Til next time, when I’ll have more knitting to wave at you. 🙂

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