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Better-Than-Average Week

You know how it can be.

Some weeks are good, whilst other weeks could be held up as case studies in a presentation on How Not To Succeed At Adulting. Or Life. Or Anything, Really. Believe me, I’ve had plenty of the latter.

Yes, I sat in The Chair. No, I didn’t spill champagne on it.

Thus far, this week is shaping up rather well, although I realize that the mere act of typing those words will set cosmic cogs in motion to mess that up most mightily. Consequently my entire family probably is, as you read this, being devoured by giant mutant snails that are on the slither from the local nuclear research facility. And yes, I do know that UK snails are generally herbivorous, but as I said, these are mutant snails.

I’ve had a couple of bits of good news this week. The one that I’ll mention only briefly is that I’ve been offered a new job at a different hospital, closer to home and working only with outpatients. The other one is that this blog has won another award!

knit now knitter of the year 2017 award

If you happen to have a copy of the latest edition of Knit Now magazine in your hands, then please turn to pages 48-49. I’m one of the winners of the Knitter Of The Year 2017 awards! Squeee!

knit now magazine knitter of the year 2017 award

Look! It’s true!

knit now magazine knitter of the year 2017 award

See my shiny new badge, here →. (If it’s here ←, then I commend you for your ability to read this blog upside-down.)

It would be fair to say that I’m rather excited about this news, as well as being surprised.

knit now magazine knitter of the year 2017 award

But the thing is, it’s actually you who have co-won the award. My prize is in the ‘Online Innovator’ category, for folk who chatter about knitting online. Their criteria for judging the winners included sites with a very engaged readership. And given that so many of you have, over the past few years, kindly shared your thoughts, comments, wisdom, and anecdotes on here, I can only say a heartfelt thank you. You make this site what it is. Have some champagne.


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