Just occasionally, I put together a tutorial or a pattern:-

Designing stranded knitting motifs is here.

How to steek is here.

How to crochet leaves is here.

How to crochet crocodile stich is here.

There’s a colourful fair isle cowl here.

cowl collage 1

There’s a link to my Falling Leaves cowl pattern in this blog post.

Falling Leaves cowl stranded knitting free pattern

And there’s a knitted picture of a mandala right here.

collage 1

There’s a knitted camera strap cover pattern here.

It's quite hard to take a photo of one's camera. What do you use to take it? Hmmm. I was almost reduced to drawing a quick sketch instead...

It’s quite hard to take a photo of one’s camera. What do you use to take it? Hmmm. I was almost reduced to drawing a quick sketch instead…

And there are easy-peasy knitted Christmas trees for you to make here. And crochet Christmas trees here.

Knitted And Crochet Christmas Trees

Knitted And Crochet Christmas Trees

Tiny knitted Christmas wreaths with which to decorate your tree are here, as are knitted candles and knitted paper chains.

happy knitted paper chain

happy knitted paper chain

The Carnival Bag is here.

www.thetwistedyarn.com shoulder bag

5 Responses to Tutorials/Patterns

  1. The cluttered corner

    I am always impressed by your blog and enjoy all your items and photos. Was wondering if you could give a yarn bombing tutorial for those of us who don’t already know?

    • The Twisted Yarn

      So so sorry for slow reply. I was mulling over your comment (for a year!) I could try this if you’re still interested? I’d have to bring in my good friend who is the secret yarn-bomber for our village. Let me ask her…

  2. Sharyn Reed

    Out of all the stupid stuff (s**t) that comes in my email, I always read yours. I LOVE the butterfly pattern! Can you share it! I am making a Garden Gnome scene, ad think these would make a perfect addition.

    • The Twisted Yarn

      Thank you, you’re very kind. I’m happy to share the pattern – slight complication in that I developed it for a book I’m working on with a friend. Would it be OK if I just emailed it to you? I need to type it up first, as I’d hate to inflict my handwriting on you. I’ll try and do that within the next few days, but if I get distracted, PLEASE REMIND ME!!! And thank you for reading the blog. 🙂

      • Sharyn Reed

        That would be great! I am shocked and amazed that you actually read my comment. Most of the time people just fluff me off! Thank you.

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