Crocheted Camera Case

What does a knitting/crochet blogger do when she buys a fancy-pants new camera?

Why, she crochets a case for it, of course. Look!

Crocheted Camera Case. Because I Can.

Crocheted Camera Case. Because I Can.

(It’s an irregular shape because the fancy-pants camera is an irregular shape, OK?)

And, look, from the back!

Back Of Camera Case. It's As Bonkers As The Front.

Back Of Camera Case. It’s As Bonkers As The Front.

I used some of the yarn that I won from the Deramores Blog Awards.

Just in case you want to know how to do it, I started by crocheting the purple disk over the lens cap, then worked round and round in single crochet (US terminology) to make the tubey-bit around the lens. Then when I reached the main and oddly-shaped body of the camera, I continued round and round, using increases and decreases as well as switching between single and double crochets to fit the camera perfectly. And the buttons are hangovers from a dressing gown I owned circa aged nine. It was a bad dressing gown. The yarn is Vanna’s Choice (an aran weight), and the hook is a 6mm. (Can somebody please explain to me who Vanna is?) The case took a day to make, albeit a day of conveniently long car journeys as a passenger.

As for the back, I single-crocheted in purple rows up the back, then made overlapping flaps which are fixed with the buttons. (Am I making sense at all? It’s been a long day…)

Yup, it’s bonkers. Yup, it got a comment from a complete stranger just as soon as I took it out in public. No, I don’t care.

At least the Stoic Spouse won’t be tempted to steal the camera when it looks like this. 😉 Hell, nobody will be tempted to steal the camera when it looks like this.

A win, I think.


(PS: And yes, I’m still working on the mandala.)


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54 Responses to Crocheted Camera Case

  1. I’d steal the camera… no. I didn’t really say that… 😉

  2. Nada

    Oh boy! I laughed all the way through reading this, but I do love the way you think. Still chuckling.

  3. You know my thoughts on this. Totally bonkers and totally genius.

  4. Very cool! Vanna White is the hostess on the TV show Wheel of Fortune! She also has her name on a line of yarns! 🙂

  5. You don’t know Vanna?! I am rather shocked since I grew up with her on tv practically every night here in The States. She’s on the game show, “Wheel of Fortune.” She wears a fancy evening gown and parades back and forth in front of a very large board with a bunch of blank spaces. She turns letters around when the contestant guesses them correctly. I probably explained that in such a weird, confusing way. Anywho… She’s been on it for 20+ years. She plays with yarn as a hobby and came out with her own brand.

  6. You will never lose your camera clothed in this eye-catching and unique frock! Well done – I love your creative eye! 🙂

  7. Kit Dunsmore

    I love your camera cover. I once made a quilted one for my old SLR and it definitely got noticed in public: I used Japanese print fabric so it had a very exotic look to it. Everyone wanted to know where I got it and were often disappointed that I’d made it myself. Be prepared to get asked where you got that… 🙂

  8. I love it! But you really should crochet a new neck-strap for the camera. Maybe something soft and stripy in cotton. It would be so much more comfortable than the scratchy mass-produced one that comes as standard with new cameras!

  9. Hahahaha yep bonkers but brilliant.

  10. ourworldheritagebe

    It looks awesome! By the shape of it – I think my other half has pretty much the same type of camera. He wouldn’t be too pleased with a colourfull cover like that I suppose though *haha*

  11. You win; definitely. But I agree with bamcrafts979; you need an appropriate strap.

  12. Great idea. I like it a lot. It’s such a fun and quirky camera case. You did a fabulous job on it.

  13. Ah! A crocheted camera case! I have never thought that it can be made! Looks cheerful! Best wishes…

  14. Vanna is Vanna White, a co-host of an obnoxious American game show on television. Love your creative mind.

  15. I love it! Now you’re starting a trend…now where’s my crochet hooks??

  16. I think it’s beautiful…it will attract children and very happy people. 🙂

  17. I love this. The colors are gorgeous! I already have a camera, just this size and this shape, so I’ll just steal this case and leave the camera.

  18. I love it. But I guess from the comments you’ve got you have already realised your mistake… Your husband might not steal it but unfortunately you have attracted many more possible thieves… me included. I’ll only take the case though, as the camera is already here 🙂

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  21. Since I have my own fancy pants camera, I’ll just steal your case 😉

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