Better-Than-Average Week

You know how it can be.

Some weeks are good, whilst other weeks could be held up as case studies in a presentation on How Not To Succeed At Adulting. Or Life. Or Anything, Really. Believe me, I’ve had plenty of the latter.

Yes, I sat in The Chair. No, I didn’t spill champagne on it.

Thus far, this week is shaping up rather well, although I realize that the mere act of typing those words will set cosmic cogs in motion to mess that up most mightily. Consequently my entire family probably is, as you read this, being devoured by giant mutant snails that are on the slither from the local nuclear research facility. And yes, I do know that UK snails are generally herbivorous, but as I said, these are mutant snails.

I’ve had a couple of bits of good news this week. The one that I’ll mention only briefly is that I’ve been offered a new job at a different hospital, closer to home and working only with outpatients. The other one is that this blog has won another award!

knit now knitter of the year 2017 award

If you happen to have a copy of the latest edition of Knit Now magazine in your hands, then please turn to pages 48-49. I’m one of the winners of the Knitter Of The Year 2017 awards! Squeee!

knit now magazine knitter of the year 2017 award

Look! It’s true!

knit now magazine knitter of the year 2017 award

See my shiny new badge, here →. (If it’s here ←, then I commend you for your ability to read this blog upside-down.)

It would be fair to say that I’m rather excited about this news, as well as being surprised.

knit now magazine knitter of the year 2017 award

But the thing is, it’s actually you who have co-won the award. My prize is in the ‘Online Innovator’ category, for folk who chatter about knitting online. Their criteria for judging the winners included sites with a very engaged readership. And given that so many of you have, over the past few years, kindly shared your thoughts, comments, wisdom, and anecdotes on here, I can only say a heartfelt thank you. You make this site what it is. Have some champagne.


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46 Responses to Better-Than-Average Week

  1. Janet

    Congratulations! Well-deserved

  2. Very well deserved Phil on both accounts. Champagne, no I couldn’t. Oh alright go on then

  3. Nikki Creel

    Congratulations!! You very well deserve it 🙂

  4. nicolaknits

    Congrats! You have hit the big time! (Be careful not to squash all that lovely detail on your chair.)

  5. Yay…well done you. Cheers🍷

  6. K Taylor

    Cheers! Well done!

  7. Congratulations – and well deserved. [ Do hope those mutant snails sniff at the family (you did say they were mutant) and reject them as snail fodder. ]

  8. Alicadabra

    Once again I’m in awe at your mastery (mistressery?) of the art of understatement. BRAVO! I’m so pleased for you on both counts. Very well done. x

  9. Congratulations, I’m late to the party, discovering your blog at the end of 2016 so I’ll just have a glass of wine. Champagne when you win again next year 🙂

  10. Juanita

    Delighted for you, very well deserved. When I meet fellow knitters I always recommend your blog to them as it’s great craic! Oh and very knitty of course.

  11. Bex

    I’m so impressed with you Phil, having just “met” you via the chair! I still have the vision of that chair cover in my mind… it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. You deserve the award, totally. Congrats!

  12. Hope

    You richly deserve the award, you are engaging, interesting and innovative along with the greatest creative mind. I always enjoy reading what you have on offer, here. Congratulations.

  13. I am so happy for you! What a week. You deserve every bit of recognition you get, not to mention a job with a better commute. Yeah, you! Further, I’m sure your family is safe from harm. Snails just can’t move that quickly, even mutant ones.

  14. Congratulations, and, yes, I will have some champagne! Thank you.

  15. Kitten With A Whiplash

    Congratulations to Knit Now Magazine for having the good taste and wisdom to recognize an Excellent!!!! Blogger!!!!

  16. very well deserved well done. I think the chair cover is worthy of an award of its own

  17. Congratulations 🙂 I hope the snail doesn’t go after The Chair after your family…

  18. Congratulations Phyl and Thank You for all the laughs you give us along with the endless inspiration. Mine’s a lemonade thanks as I’m usually the designated driver 😉

  19. Karen crimson kettle

    Fabulous, well done.

  20. Liz B.

    Congratulations on both!

  21. Tineke

    Best job as a mother is close by. I hated to be in a trafficjam knowing my children school would be out any minute.That running to get it done because of the traveling time, I’m so happy for you it’s close by and with out patient only. I think I voted some time ago for all sorts of awards. Love to promote all of you creative beings. Good grief, mutant slugs!

  22. squeeking with you there, Phil. SO deserved.For me, what nourishes me the most, is your outrageous silliness. Mutant snails – i am watching scenes with those right now, different colors, someone with delicately knitted caps with holes for the antlers.
    And yes, I feast on the recipes and photos.
    Congratulations and cheers! The champagne was really good

  23. Congratulations and very well deserved. I toast you!

  24. I’m so pleased for you – both the award and the job.
    I can’t remember if you have a thrush in your chair garden but please add a few or a few more to combat the MSs. Forget about territorial arguments – they need to be there.

  25. good for you (and us!) that is very exciting news. AND you sat in the chair – wow!

  26. Great news! Hopefully your job move will give you more time to do more yarn based stuff! Congrats on the magazine recognition!

  27. Congratulations Ms T. Now I really AM going to have to pick up those knitting needles to make my comments count. I am eyeing off some circular needles on Ebay at the moment. They keep calling me with their siren song and I keep finding delicious free knitting patterns in my early morning online hunting expeditions so I think the universe is calling me to knit.

  28. Congratulations. Well deserved!

  29. Christina

    Congratulations! I’m sure if you leave a little champagne around I’ve heard that mutant snails are rather partial to it as well. Cheers!!!

  30. Nicola Nicholson

    Thank you I will have some champagne but really it’s all yours,so very many congratulations.

  31. Shelley

    So pleased for you, congratulations on both pieces of news.

  32. Chrissie

    Well done, you definitely deserve this award.

  33. Congratulations! You’ll love the day out at Sirdar (I got to go last year) – it’s really interesting! xx

    • The Twisted Yarn

      I can imagine it is. I’m excited to see. 🙂 Congratulations on winning last year.
      Oh, and it’s good to see you as a fellow columnist with SK magazine. Loved your piece this month.

  34. The Twisted Yarn

    Yeah, you know you want to. 🙂

  35. The Twisted Yarn

    Thank you very much. 🙂

  36. Dot

    Well done you innovative Knitter of the Year!! 🙂 very well deserved! & glad you enjoyed your trip to the frozen north – was that snow on he hills outside Slaithwaite? (yes, i realize I’m doing a bit of time travelling with this comment, you haven’t yet gone north at this point!) 😉

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