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TheTwistedYarn has won the Deramores Award, and has appeared in Let’s Knit magazine and on the Tesco website. Phil (the blog’s author) also writes an occasional column for Simply Knitting magazine, and was interviewed for a full-page piece for the May 2015 edition. A guest post was also recently published on the Let’s Knit magazine blog. In addition to being a clinical psychologist and mum to small twins, Phil is about to complete a masters degree in creative writing and is always interested in finding new opportunities to write humorously about knitting, crochet, and life in general.


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  1. name

    what brand dpn’s are those that you rec’d for cmas & are using in the pic of the jumper sleeve ur knitting? ty

  2. Darlene Davis

    Hi Phil,
    I follow your blog, and I loooooove it!!! You are fabulous and I wish I had your talent, matter of fact, I wish you lived next door and I could run over and say omg I’m stupid…can’t figure this pattern out HELP!! Are you self taught or what….you amaze me!!! Soooo, question here….. I am making that amazing blog winning scarf you designed….LOVE IT!!! out of the Bergere de France Lima Yarn (yes all 13 colours) and it’s knitting up gorgeous but some of my lovely friends live in warmer climates (I hate them lol but it’s cooler in the winter) but was thinking…could I make this in cotton and would it stand up… or would it be too stretchy…What kind of lighter yarn would you suggest that would be washable but would hold up…they are cheap old women that wash the sh** out of things…lol lol (too funny eh).
    Anyhoos thanks for taking the time to read this and your advice….I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada….home of the Calgary Stampede..if your ever passing this way…you have a place you can put your cowboy boots for a rest…your most welcome to stay!!!
    Darlene Davis

    • Wow, thank you for such a kind-hearted comment! You are very kind. (Actually it’d probably be me knocking on your door asking for knitterly assistance!) I do think it would work in cotton for warmer climes, but definitely stick to the shorter version because the longer version is looooooong and so if it stretched and sagged, it would all get a bit silly.
      Oh, and I love Canada so much! I once spent three months there, working in Toronto then heading west. A couple of people offered us (us = me plus my boyfriend at the time) their spare room but we felt far too shy to impose on them, but with hindsight I understand that the people we met were genuinely just that lovely and hospitable. Thank you for your offer!

  3. Darlene

    lol lol lol ahhhhh no you wouldn’t be asking me for any help, I can guarantee that (your so cute!!). Anyhoos, thank you for replying! I was thinking also, that I would have to make the shorter version also, because it would definitely be “too warm” all that wool around your neck”. I did want your “expert” opinion before buying the yarn and starting the project and finding out it wasn’t going to work “like your skirt”…oh my!! (I felt so bad for you 🙁 when you had to start all over). Now on another subject I was born in Toronto, and unfortunately is the snobby part of Canada lol lol . Out west is where all the friendly folk are. We welcome everyone with open arms and that does not surprise me that people had offered you their spare room to stay in. Well thanks again for your wisdom, greatly appreciated. I look forward to many more of your blogs, I look so forward to them, I love how you write/speak (it’s so different than how Canadians talk) and twinnage…make me laugh, ahhhh so enjoyable. Thanks for making me 🙂

  4. Sarah Copp

    Do you have a pattern for your stained glass afghan ? I would love to buy it 🙂

  5. Jill

    I wonder if you have got any tips to improve my ribbing. I could do with improving it. Thank you in anticipation. Jill

  6. Jill

    It is very uneven, the knit stitches differ in size. Thank you.

  7. Wendy Wilson

    Hello from across the pond (ontario, canada)

  8. Wendy Wilson

    No doubt, you getting tired of “Love your chair”, just saying if you want stoic husband to sit in the chair, you must demonstrate the motion and photo it for us, clearly the twinage has no problem. Absolutely exquisite innovative skill and imagination…WELL DONE, would like to hear a few words on the things the twinnage are interested in, are they crafty like you.

    An admiring, fascinated follower Canadian, so glad you post. I have recommended that folks on the Knitting Paradise, a worldwide knitting forum, an amazing, supportive network of crafters, and again, congratulation on your (all) awards! Well deserved!

    • The Twisted Yarn

      Hi Wendy, and thank you for such a rich and generous comment. 🙂
      The twinnage’s creativity is mostly in words, at this point. (They’re six.) They love to make up stories. This is something that I’m definitely encouraging.
      I do keep meaning to do a sitting-in-the-chair photo, and I will, but as I write this, I’m sitting in the chair, in low light, wearing old and shabby clothing and with mad hair. Now is most definitely not the moment.

      Also, I’m honoured that you mentioned me on Knitting Paradise. Thank you.

      (PS: I adore Canada, having long ago spent 3 months staying/working/travelling there.)

  9. Wendy Wilson

    Hello Again: Thanks much for your speedy response, would really like to address you properly, at least by your first name. No intrusion intended.

    I look forward to seeing you in your magnificent chair, that will be passed on I’m sure for generations, but Oh Dear how can the twinnage share this treasure? Perhaps on a six month basis?

    If you’ve had time to check out Knitting Paradise (OMG it’s very addictive)
    I posted a “you’ve got to check this out”…you blog in general and your lovely chair specifically, it was so well received…you know all those drooling admirers, think your numbers will skyrocket, not enough can be said about how much we think of your blog. Well done. And thanks for being such a role model! Looking forward to all your future posts, it’s certainly and learning and inspirational site that I consult often. Wendy

    • The Twisted Yarn

      Thank you so much (again) Wendy – you’re very, very, kind! (And you’re kinder than I deserve, but I won’t complain TOO loudly about that.)

  10. Wendy Wilson

    Hello : Me again…should you visit across the pond again, do come stay with us! Wendy

  11. Jayshree

    Dear Phil, I came across a pile of magazines and found one of your articles on “can you tell that I’d be a shoe-in for this job?”. I felt that I would write the same article. Loved it.
    The comment about would you want to have your wisdom teeth extracted by someone whose pride and joy stockinette scarf was actually a mess of dropped stitches and unintended yarnovers” had me in stitches:)
    My daughter who is at present studying to become a dentist took a hand crocheted phone case to prove that she had dexterity got a place for the course.
    Hurrah for chrochet and knitting

    • The Twisted Yarn

      Jayshree, thank you for such a kind and generous comment, that made me smile lots. And I LOVE that your daughter used her crochet skill as proof of her manual dexterity. (Wish I’d known that before I wrote the article!) I’m guessing that she’ll make an excellent dentist. 🙂

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