Crochet therapy

The end of a stressful day of tantrumming toddler twinnage.


The rainbow stained glass window is progressing well, assisted by a two-hour bout of insomnia last night. Can you see the little popcorn stitches? I’ve reached about 60cm diameter (24 inches), and the final thing will be about 2 metres (>2 yards) across. I love this pattern! It’s by Julene Watson, and the increases and pattern are perfectly calculated so that it remains beautifully flat as it grows.

And it’s cheaper than therapy. 🙂


Continuing my occasional series of knitted motifs spotted out and about, here’s where wine meets fairisle. 🙂

Fairisle wine. :-)

Fairisle wine. 🙂

Most definitely not a wine that I’d choose, but not bad for a combination of concepts.


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33 Responses to Crochet therapy

  1. Your stained glass crochet is simply gorgeous!

  2. Loving the rug. Cant wait to see it finished

  3. Wow that rug is amazing! It must be so satisfying to see that grow!

  4. It is gorgeous. Also love the fact it stays flat. Sorry to hear about toddler tantrums but what a lovely fire and red wine and crocheting x

  5. I love your stained glass window – it already looks stunning and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  6. Love your stained glass crochet–very colorful! 🙂

  7. Looking good! Great colourways. Love your stove too – looks much less ‘sooty’ than mine!

  8. The stained glass rug is lovely. I really must learn to crochet one day.

  9. Holy WOW!!!! That is beautiful, can’t believe you’re a beginner 😀

  10. Its coming along so well already! I’m excited to see the final product

  11. Love the stained glass crochet. Can’t wait to see the finished article! You are so patient to work on something so big! My brain would flit to other things I’m sure 🙂

  12. The Knitwit

    That’s a nice design on the bottle.

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