Yarn. Lots and lots of oddments of yarn.

Another post while the monster rainbow afghan grows and grows. And grows. 🙂

There’s a bit of a problem in my study. A bit of mission creep. The study is supposed to be home for all my work stuff (psychology books, journals, etc), and all my writing stuff, plus a spot of tedious admin. And all the sombre, brooding pictures that the Stoic Spouse dislikes. And my geology books and some of my fossils and rock specimens, the ones that would be small enough for the twinnage to use as food or lethal weapons if they got near them. It’s a dark little cave of a room, because as long as I’ve got a little lamp at my desk and a mug of green tea beside me, I can read and write contentedly.

But there’s an invader, a determined, fibrous invader.

Creeping around the room like ivy, along the tops of the bookshelves, over the desk and filing cabinet, creeping pretty much everywhere in fact, is yarn. Look!

(Bad photos due to darkness of room.)

Yarn. More yarn. And... yarn.

Yarn. More yarn. And… yarn.

And look!

Nowhere is safe

Nowhere is safe

And I write this as someone with a stash aversion. All this yarn is leftovers from projects or balls for projects I’m working on or am about to do. Where will it end? This has happened fast. How soon will our entire house silt up with spare yarn and we’ll be forced to move out and live in the garden shed? I foresee an advantage, however. Lined with yarn, this room will soon be the only place in the house that is blissfully warm. 🙂


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33 Responses to Yarn. Lots and lots of oddments of yarn.

  1. wow! a lots of yarns! lucky ya!

  2. One way to tame the stash monster is toe-up two at a time socks or anklets.
    However, seeing the different colors and fibers is inspiring as well:)

  3. I also have stash aversion and a sick compulsion to use up every last inch of yarn and fabric. I tell myself this means I am not wasteful, but I am sure it is really some sort of control issue.

  4. I think knitters with OCD organization should form teams and help the rest of us store and sort our stashes!!

  5. so much yarn! I know how it takes over. I liked the photos though there is a coziness about the bookshelf full of books and with yarn between them. 🙂
    Take care,

  6. I finally bought a big plastic tub and organized my stash in the closet. My husband woukd have a heart attack if he knew how much yarn I’ve hoarded! Good thing there’s a lid on the tub and it’s not see-through.

  7. I love the way you have these bits tucked around your books and things. Who knew books needed a little something to keep them warm?! 😉

  8. nicolaknits

    Nice to meet a fellow non-stasher. I haven’t read your linked post yet but most of what I have is leftovers too.

  9. I think you do not need to yarn bomb your house anymore. It looks as if you already have 🙂
    I am laughing but I have a similar looking room here. the yarn keeps creeping out of the boxes…

  10. I’m afraid I have a yarn obsession! Do they have classes for that…lol

  11. Yarn , yarn everywhere! My other half got so fed up of mine taking over the living room that I upcycled an old bureau to put it in. I know the feeling of it getting everywhere!

  12. The photos are awesome!!! Although I understand it can be very problematic shah. I don’t have leftovers generally but maybe a funky sweater with some of them would be pretty:)

  13. I have to admit that stashed yarn would keep everything in the house warmer and cosier than my paper crafting stash does. I hope that my inanimate objects are not too upset by that. Maybe I should go buy some yarn…….

  14. My most favourite sight I think – lots of wool, everywhere!

  15. That looks like my living room- unfortunately in a one bedroom apartment, there are only so many places to hide your stash… And it will eventually overflow ha ha!

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